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The Definition of Marketing

Updated: May 27, 2019

The first step toward developing continuity in the heavy duty marketing realm is to agree on an accepted definition and process of marketing.

For starters, there is even confusion over the meaning within the marketing community itself. utilizing the new skills of the strategic marketing process, any heavy duty organization can rise to its full potential in terms of contemporary marketing to support their constituents. The American Marketing Association offers up almost 60 meanings of the term, while the Business-to-Business marketing Association (B2B) professes even more. Finally, the Actionable Marketing guide (Posted by Heidi Cohen - Actionable Marketing 101) weighs in with its own variety of 72 marketing flavors.

The Heavy Duty Marketing Academ's suggestion for the commercial vehicle establishment is:

“The process of competitive differentiation utilizing the tools of strategic thinking, positioning, branding and market automation to create, capture and keep customers, for a profit.”

However, It’s fun to add this creative twist to the definition:

The ability to see beyond he horizon and imagine something that isn’t there yet

Therefore, this text is a call to the North American commercial vehicle marketplace that we need to begin informing, advising and coaching that fresh marketing innovations have become the virtual “New Heavy Duty Frontier” that has arisen out of the “Information Knowledge Revolution.”

Gene Ely



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