UA-143265109 The Heavy Duty Industry and "The Perfect Marketing Storm"

The Heavy Duty Industry and "The Perfect Marketing Storm"

Updated: May 28, 2019

Slowly but steadily the Internet has become so prolific that we've become an information rich and time poor society. It's called the "Information Explosion."

The overwhelming growth of Internet traffic has mushroomed into thousands of messages per person per day, and with it a human impossibility to process even a fraction of them. The official term for this type of saturation marketing is “cognitive overload.” Which means at the end of the day, out of thousands of message exposures, the average human is lucky enough, at best, to process or retain a slim net of 12 messages or less.

So, in all probability, your customers and prospects are either bored, tuning out, logging out, optinging out...or worse yet not even going to your website.

Another aspect of the marketing storm has been because of industry-changing digital transformation and demographic shift means the familiar generational behaviors of the now-aging dominant generation have shifted and transformed, as well. The result is that new demographics and psychographics are firmly in place— GenXers, millennials, and GenZers, now include a blend of four entirely different and very diverse generations that have become pervasive throughout the entire industry.

Baby Boomers (55-73) 41 million, GenX (39-54) 53 million, Millennials (23-38) 56 million, and Generation Z (22 & under)… the new generation of diesel service techs and CDL drivers. This vivid population split of 109 million digital savvy ages 23 to 54, as opposed to 41 million who are aging out of the workspace is proof-positive of the shift to THE NEW CUSTOMER-CENTRIC DEMAND GENERATION.

The result is that this new generational audience demand to be engaged and involved by your website. The problem is that currently most of the industry has "Inside-Out" directed information about WE US OUR to the customer. But suddenly, your website is a critical new strategy in your marketing and sales operations.

The paradigm shift is that customers are depending more and more, not only by the fresh, new information you provide, but how and where you provide it.

This easy test is a self-determining conclusion for your company or organization: Is your website message direction a static message about YOU out to the customer?

Are you just trying to sell something with bland advantages, features and benefits, and maybe a parts or vehicle special of some kind?

Or, is your website message outside-in, customer centric with engagement? Blogs, videos, white papers, short, fresh "How-To" information that reflects your unique market position, your unique brand, your expert service culture?

Simply migrating your current website to an "Outside-In" customer-centric style won't work.

We'll discuss this more later and the complete details and more are in the Heavy Duty Marketing Textbook.

Gene Ely



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