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Strategic Thinking

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Every marketing assignment is unique to each heavy duty truck, trailer, equipment and aftermarket service, and parts provider. Yet, the fundamental tools are a proven formula: strategic thinking: positioning, branding, services marketing, and marketing automation.

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The Heavy Duty Marketing Academy Textbook is the first-ever heavy duty marketing instructional that's specific to all marketing and sales practitioners. It's a specific modern guide for the North American Commercial Vehicle (CV) and equipment marketplace. You can guide your own marketing program via the textbook - Contact us for a free consultation - or let's discuss your in-house strategic program.

Expert Guidance

Who  Are You?

Information you need in the new era of the  customer-centric demand generation.

You're a heavy duty truck or trailer maker. Maybe you're a truck dealer or an independent aftermarket distributor. Or you could be a top-notch service provider. Whatever your heavy-duty business, the entire scope of marketing has changed dramatically. All of the information you require is in the Heavy Duty Marketing Textbook
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