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The Heavy Duty Marketing Academy Textbook is the first-ever heavy-duty marketing instructional that's specific to all marketing and sales practitioners. It's a specific modern guide for the North American Commercial Vehicle (CV) and equipment marketplace. You can guide your own marketing program via the textbook - Contact us for a free consultation - or let's discuss your in-house strategic program.

Join the marketing era of the new customer-centric demand generation and how to target and attract the new Millennial, GenXers, and the GenZers.

Discover the new ways these heavy duty purchasers demand the way they now want to receive their messaging.

Follow the strategic path to differentiate your company from the competition: Strategic thinking, positioning, branding, marketing automation, creating a service-dominant culture, and mastering the digital world.

The Heavy Duty Marketing Academy Textbook is Available at

 You can guide your own marketing program via the textbook - Contact us for a free consultation - or let's discuss your in-house strategic program.

Strategic Thinking

Whether you're selling trucks, trailers or equippment...

Service parts...

Or providing maintenance and repair services

You need a strategic plan that differentiates you from your competitors.



A new generation of customers want to be engaged and attracted by a new style of marketing 

Who  Are You?

You're a heavy duty truck or trailer maker. Maybe you're a truck dealer or an independent aftermarket distributor. Or you could be a top-notch service provider. Whatever your heavy-duty business, the entire scope of marketing has changed dramatically. All of the information you require is in the Heavy Duty Marketing TextbookOrder now at Amazon: The heavy duty marketing academy


Your assurance is that you will achieve an innovative unique marketing differentiation program to enhance your competitive edge within the commercial vehicle, heavy duty truck and trailer, work equipment, construction, and ag industries.  Your assurance also includes the development of a strategic marketing plan or a rebranding program that creatively sets your company apart from the competition.  You are also assured that our partnership action can be completed in a variety of ways: On-site collaboration and facilitation with your current marketing team; remote positioning, branding, and marketing automation development; and free consultation        616-844-4014

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